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Looking back on 2017

Looking back on 2017

This year was incredible for me but it was also filled with struggles and some sadness towards the end of the year. I wrote this post yesterday but I was having a lazy day with my family that I decided not to open my computer to post it, so here it is my year in review I started the year ending my semester working in New York City and having a long vacation. I spent the winter enjoying the city and the snow. 


Then I got the amazing chance to go back to Japan. I had been dying to get back to Japan since I went in high school and try living there. I'm really happy I had the opportunity to go and make new friends try new things and travel.  


I also fell in love. I never expected to go to Japan and fall in love. I started the year with a bad break up and decided to spend time working on myself. I learned how to enjoy being by myself and love me for who I am. When I went for my study abroad I said I'd never date or fall in love but the universe had other ideas. And now he's here spending Christmas and New Years with me!  


I also got to experience the sakura's for the first time which has always been a dream of mine. My boyfriend took me there for the first time and it was so magical. 


I also got to travel. Instead of seeing more of japan like I did last time I decided to go to Thailand! I'd never been before and I'm so glad we did!!  



This was also a big thing for me. I'm not very confident in my body but I decided to challenge myself and wear this swimsuit and take pictures because it felt like a once in a lifetime chance. 

While we were there I went snorkeling for the first time! I got extremely sun burned but it was so incredible and I want to go do it again!  


when I got back to Japan I got to do something amazing I got to hold an owl! I love owls so much and it was my dream come true! I also got to hold a hedgehog which was so cute but really wiggly. 


 I came back to the Us to fininsh my senior year. I started off the semester with my birthday and then got extremely busy. I'm currently writing my bachelors thesis so I've been super super busy. I moved into a special dorm room where I have my own bathroom and a shower, it's the biggest room I've ever had in college and I've been having fun decorating it.  


Towards thanksgiving I went to Boston for the first time! I went to meet my boyfriend after three long months! We went to the Boston Career Forum together and then home for thanksgiving. On the Sunday after thanksgiving we went to pick out our Christmas tree! This is my boyfriends first western Christmas so I'm so happy to have him here. 


While I went back to school to hand in the first chapter of my thesis my boyfriend went to visit his friends in La and travel a bit. Then we all came back together for Christmas! We went to the city to see the Christmas seen and all the lights. My favorite time to be in New York is around Christmas. 


I think this was the best Christmas I've ever had. It was so wonderful having my boyfriend here and spending time with my family and him.  I love our Christmas tree it's not very traditional cause we cover it in horses and cacti but it's our tradition. 


After Christmas and before New Years we spent time on and off in the city and in Brooklyn, had a huge Christmas party at my house, I met my boyfriends best friend from California and he met my best friend. This year has truly been more memorable then I thought it was when I started to write this post. Happy new year to everyone and I hope you have a wonderful day!  

Goals for the New Year

Goals for the New Year

Getting Ready for Christmas

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