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March on Film

March on Film


I can't believe the month of March has passed! It means I only have two months left before I graduate... that's scary cause I so much work left to do in such a short amount of time. But I really can't wait to be done. I know people who graduated and they say how much they miss being in school but I don't I want to be living and working already. 


So of course we had to have a snow storm at the beginning of the month. I actually had to go home to help take care of my mom in the snow storm cause my dad was traveling. I also had to be in the city after the snow storm so it worked out well. That arch of snowy branches in the snow was a stair case. The snow was super heavy and pulled a lot of trees down.


Then I came back to school and we had more snow.... But it was nice to be cozy in my bed during the snow writing my thesis. One of my favorite things about my room is the light that comes in the morning when I'm waking up. I'm a morning person not a night person so this is a nice way to wake up to. 


This shirt is so wrinkled in this picture but. I didn't put in any pictures while I was in California cause they're all in another post but these two things were the best purchases ever. I wear this necklace all the time I love it so so much and this shirt, I gotta brag cause my cousin made it and I'm proud, but I love this shirt so much. 


I've been trying to be more confident and loving towards myself so I feel like taking pictures will help me with that. I have never loved having my photo taken cause I always get acne in the same spots, on my chin its always the same spot it drives me mad, and I never loved my smile. My teeth naturally haven't been white but I've been trying some new things to help them. I also have a chip in my tooth, which I now have fixed, but I still am not used to smiling with my teeth. It's something I want to get used to because I don't want to look back and not have pictures of me smiling. 


And now here we are again in bed, like I am now, wearing my inn-n-out shirt. Which I could really go for right now. But I'm back on my exercise grind and back into work mode. 

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