I'm just a little wanderer in this large world looking for my next adventure.


I'm Lee, a 22 years old and live in New York, and I'm a wanderer in this big world. I started this blog while I was studying abroad in Tokyo. Before I came to Tokyo I felt lost and was looking for some guidance but couldn't find what I was looking for. I decided I wanted to help others before they arrived in Japan, whether it be for a vacation or studying abroad. 

A little bit about me, I first went to Japan when I was in high school for a study abroad program and fell in love instantly, which changed my life forever. I then went back to study abroad at Waseda University. While I was there I fell in love and started this blog and attempted to make videos. I'm now in the process of moving to Tokyo full time to be with my boyfriend.

I studied International Relations and Asian studies in college, with a focus on Gender Equality in Japan. I love to see the world and all of the places and people that fill it, learning about what their cultures are like. In the future I hope to combine my love of international relations and culture with a creative field. 

I'll be writing a lot about traveling, food, places to visit, outfits and what it's like to move to Japan. I'm hoping to also start a youtube channel to document my travels and adventure. I'm hoping that by writing this blog and making videos will help other people who are interested in going to Japan.  

So without further ado, I wanted to say that I hope you enjoy my blog because I really enjoy writing it!

xx Lee