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Things I wish I knew before going to Japan: Part 1

Things I wish I knew before going to Japan: Part 1


I came to  Japan 5 almost 6 years ago for a study abroad for a month with the Japan Society in New York City. This year I came to Japan again for 6 months. The first time I came I had no idea what to expect so I overpacked. This time I thought that I was prepared and ready for this trip but boy was I wrong. So I've decided to make a series of lists of things I wish I had known before going to Japan for my study abroad. 


Before coming to Japan for studying abroad ask or find out what your university will provide in your dorm, if you are staying in one. I did not stay in a dorm because there wasn't enough room, I lived in a share house and then another house, but that's another story. Either way though, I brought sheets with me cause finding a top sheet is nearly impossible here. I also brought my own towels cause the first thing I wanted to do that night was take a shower. But go to a store called nitori for all your home needs its cheap. They are similar to home goods or Ikea.


If you're a sweaty person like me, I get it from my grandpa, bring a lot of deodorant with you. It's very hard to find it here cause no one uses deodorant and if they do then it isn't very strong. I brought three with me for six months and went through two of them, but everyone is different so do whatever you think is best.


Free wifi is impossible to find in Japan. You’ll find it at the airport and most subway stations. No restaurants or cafe’s offer free wifi. It's super hard to find. Keep in mind once you get onto the wifi you need to go to the safari browser and load something to log into the wifi. I didn't know that until I got to the airport and I felt so stupid.


Bring a lot of American medicine because Japanese medicine isn’t as strong and you can’t find American medicine easily in Japan. I have brought my own medicine both times I've come to Japan and when I traveled to China. Personally whenever I travel I tend to bring my own medicine just in case I need something. Stuff for stomach aches, cold medicine and head ache medicine in order to keep calm.


My favorite thing in the world is fruit; strawberries, mangos, apples, all of it! But fruit is expensive here, I saw a melon once and the cheapest one was like $15! However in comparison, eating out at restaurants can be cheap, you can get a good full meal for under $10. The difference between the two things was so shocking to me!

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