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My Favorite Things I Got in Japan

My Favorite Things I Got in Japan


This bag is one of my favorite things ever! First off the picture on it is so unique and when I wear it in the US people think its cool and so do people in Japan. It has two pockets on the inside which is nice and it has this little pocket on the outside which is so helpful! I was nervous about it at first but it was great!


I bought this cross body bag at niko and in omotesando cause I didn't have a super small bag with me. This bag holds so much its crazy! 


This little gyoza is from the plastic food district in Tokyo. It's where they make all the food displays. I bought my mom a magnet from there and this phone charm for my purse. I think it makes the bag a little more fun and personalized and it's not huge. 


I only bought two skincare things while I was there. I bough this face wash, which is really popular, and these under eye masks. The face was is from a company associated with shisedo. The eye masks are korean and they're so nice! I keep them in the fridge and put them on when they're cold.


I'm so sad that I don't have any better pictures of this while I'm at university. But I found this very subtle japan bomber jacket for $30 in harajuku on a side street. They have tons of these embroidered jackets in harajuku but can be very expensive so I'm so glad I found this!


I got this little pouch in Tokyo Station to hold my camera when I throw it in my bag so that it doesn't get scratched or anything. It wasn't very expensive and super cute. 


I'm so gutted this is the only picture I have in this coat, well that I can find cause I have a billion photos and can't find the one I want. But! I was so unprepared for the cold spring in Japan that I got this coat from zara and I adore it so much! It was so bright and springy but kept me super super warm. I'm really excited to be able to wear this again this year! 


This yellow mug is incredible! I bought it in a bookstore in a mall in Ginza and it was really cool and interesting. This mug though is so nice to hold I wish I got the green one too! 


These shoes! I was also stupid and only brought one pair of sneakers with me.... and then they broke.... but I had always wanted stand smiths and then I saw these! Velcro sneakers!! I wear them almost everyday! I think if anything were to happen to these I'd have to buy them again! I don't think I can live without them ever again!

So that's all I kept coming back to this with little things I forgot that I bought but I hope you remember some of these things when you go to Japan. 

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