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Amazing Ice Cream in Japan

Amazing Ice Cream in Japan


One of my favorite things about living in Japan was living next to a 24 hour convenient store. It was great and I loved it for the drinks, snacks and best of all ice cream! I adore ice cream and Japan has some really interesting ice creams. So here are some of my favorites you should keep an eye out for while you're in Japan. 


This was my favorite ice cream of all! At first when I opened it I thought it looked like it had pieces of corn on it but its fresh mango! It was incredible! Real pieces of mangos on top and mango ice cream underneath it. 

I also thought the packaging on it was so fancy. It came in this little protective case which I have never seen before. I only had this one time cause I couldn't find it again but I am constantly searching for it!


A classic ice cream in Japan is the brand Papico. It comes with two little plastic bottles filled with ice cream which makes it super clean and easy to eat in the summer or for little kids. It's also nice and easy to share with others. The original flavor is coffee but this one is white peach! It is incredible! It tastes like a real peach and is a seasonal flavor in the summer. 


Another ice cream that's really easy to eat is coolish. I wish we had ice creams that were easy to eat in the summer and for little kids cause its so smart! The coolish comes in lots of flavors like vanilla or calpis (which is a japanese soda). This one was seasonal in the spring and its Melon Soda flavored. It was a little weird and I don't know how to describe it but it was good so I'd recommend it. 


Japan is really good at making ice cream and snacks taste exactly like what the fruit tastes like. This ice cream was another peach ice cream, I love peaches especially Japanese white peaches. But fruit is so expensive I have to live through ice cream, which I'm not mad about. 


So I apologize for the low quality of this photo but it's from my snapchat. One thing you need to try while in Japan is the different haagendazs flavors that there are in Japan. This one was triple chocolate. The different flavors of chocolate in here are different colors so that was interesting. And it was so so good!

I'm also sorry that I don't have more pictures of ice cream. You would think with how much ice cream I ate while I was there I would've taken more pictures. I actually thought I did but I guess I didn't. But I hope while you're in Japan you try some of the fun ice cream flavors!

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