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Tonki Tonkatsu: My love of Tonkatsu

Tonki Tonkatsu: My love of Tonkatsu


So there is something you should know about me, my favorite food is Tonkatsu, which is typically known for large men to eat so most people are shocked when I finish one. I am also shocked cause I don't eat a lot in one sitting, I'm a grazer. 

But one thing I did while I was in Japan was go to this famous tonkatsu restaurant. I wish we could've sat at this bar area but we couldn't so we sat upstairs. 


I did like the upstairs part but would've loved being downstairs so if I ever go again I want to try downstairs. We also went at a good time because after our food came it became so crowded there was a line going down the stairs. 


The menu isn't very large and they have it in english. I wasn't sure what to pick and I still am not sure which one I picked so I'm sorry about that. But I can tell you it was really delicious. It was really soft and crunchy at the same time. The crunchiness was also light and flaky. 


So I'm going to be honest, this wasn't the best tonkatsu I've ever had. I think I prefer the tonkatsu at this restaurant near the station closest to my house. This was sorta bland and the place near me is more crunchy which I prefer. 

This just proves to me that you can't always try the most famous ones but you should always try the local food! I don't want to put you off of this place though cause it was really good I just am picky about my tonkatsu. 

The miso soup they gave us was really good! A lot better then the tonkatsu. 


What's also really nice about this place is they have little rooms you can reserve. So if you're going with a big group I think getting a room would be nice. I saw a group in one room with little kids running around and another with salarymen so it works great with big groups. 

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