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Things I learned in College

Things I learned in College


I can't believe the time has come and I'm graduated from college on Saturday. I still don't know what I'll be doing now that I graduated and I've come to the conclusion that for a little while, that's ok. The future is scary, but the more I talk to adults the more I realize it'll be scary for your entire life. 

I sat down though and started thinking about how different I am from when I first came to my college. So I made myself a little list of what I've learned. 


Freshman year: 

- Introducing yourself to someone you don't know can be really fucking scary, but if you don't you may never meet some of your best friends.

Roommates can be jerks, gross and a pain. Sometimes it's best to not live with your best friend because then you can complain to them about your roommate. 

- You hate beer and never will, just accept it and drink cider.

- Boys are still going to be difficult, and probably always will. 

- Eating pizza and ice cream all the time from the dinning hall isn't great for you, learn to find hidden gems in the mess of it all. 

Sophmore year:

- It’s ok to let go of toxic friendships if they are holding you back. It's more important to surround yourself with people who are supportive and love you.  

- Don’t be afraid to make new friends.  

- When doing something rebellious be careful with what you choose. Dying the bottom of your hair pink by someone you know is not great. It will take forever to grow out and you'll have short hair forever! Getting your cartilage pierced after three years of wanting it its ok. Think about it for a while..

- Step out of your comfort zone even if you're scared. I know that sounds hard but once you do it you'll find a lot of stuff you love. 

-Not having a roommate is the best thing in the world, there is so much less drama.



Junior year:

- Cooking for yourself after a day of work and class is hard. And having it be healthy is even harder.

- From that first point, life is about balance. Sometimes you come home from work and make a salad sometimes you get dollar pizza.

-Remember to save time laundry in your schedule.

- Being an adult is really hard but having a semester of practice was really good. (I worked at an internship and took classes at night for a semester)

- Going to the gym is good for your mental health. It’ll help you with stress and is good for your health, even though you hate going.  

- Don’t be afraid to travel. Especially alone!  

- Study abroad, it will change your life.

- Don’t be afraid to fall in love. It will hit you when you least expect it and it will probably be difficult.  

- Step out of your comfort zone and talk to people more! I tried this the year before and I'm saying again cause I was in Japan 

Senior year: 

- Plan everything out. Organize and make a list it will help you manage what you need to do

- Learn to be comfortable being alone. People told me that once you are ok being alone you'll be much more happy and I kind of agree.  

- Stress management. Find multiple ways to destress yourself so you have options. I recommend meditation, working out or watching videos of puppies or cute animals.

- Schedule in time to have fun. Work is important but without taking a break or having a rest you can get sick.

- Find new hobbies that help you relax. I read somewhere once you should have three hobbies, one that helps you exercise, one that helps you make money and one that helps you relax. I've found that working out helps me destress and that embroidery helps me relax and calm my mind.

- Don't be afraid of the future. It will always be unknown and scary.  

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