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New York City Views

New York City Views


I've been working in the city a lot recently so I thought that I'd put together a collection of some of my favorite views in the city. It's not all of them but just some views I've seen recently and appreciated.

I love being in New York City, I've loved coming to New York since I came for the first time when I was three. I remember it so well. We came from California and stayed with my moms friend who lived close to central park. I remember going in the horse carriages and hailing a cab. Since then I've dreamed of moving here. I haven't completed that dream yet but I know I will someday.


I love Grand Central and it will always have a special place in my heart. When I was in high school I would always take the train into the city to go do stuff and it was always such a special trip. It's also such a beautiful building, the map on the ceiling is so incredible!

Exploring The Brand: Freeman Masks

Exploring The Brand: Freeman Masks