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Some Sunday Thoughts

Some Sunday Thoughts


So I'm back in the US for my final year and I have been pretty busy but I set a goal to post two blog posts every week so I am gonna stick to it! But since I'm so busy I thought I would just share some pictures of the beautiful Tokyo Tower and some thoughts I have

1. Tokyo Tower is my favorite landmark or tourist attraction in Japan. My favorite place to see it is in the first picture in Roppongi Hills.

2. When I get back to Japan I really wanna find this staircase where you can take pictures with Tokyo Tower behind you. I think its a parking garage or something.

3. I've been going through my midterms this past week and current week while working on my thesis. At my university if you're a senior you have to write a thesis to graduate. 

4. I really want to find a good place to get Tonkatsu in New York City. If anyone knows a good place let me know cause I miss it so much. Its my favorite Japanese food. 

5. Fun story, I told my Japanese professor in Tokyo that it was my favorite food and she went "Wah?!?!" really loud and stared at me. She couldn't believe someone as small as me could eat an entire one. She said it's a food for big men.

6. I recently started watching the second season of Riverdale. It's definitely my guilty pleasure show, but it gives me nice memories cause I watched the first season while I was in Japan cause a friend there recommended it to me. 

7. I also started watching the Korean Drama "While you were sleeping" it is so good! I love korean dramas so much and am always on the look for new ones to watch. I also love Lee Jong Suk so that makes it even better.

8. I wish it was as easy to watch Japanese drama's as it was to watch Korean ones, but I find it very hard to find Japanese drama's online or to find one's I haven't seen before.

9. It's a really rainy day here and I'm curled up in bed writing this instead of my essay on Male Beauty in the Edo Period.

10. I never said my major but I'm a double major in International studies and Asian studies and I focus on gender studies in Asia and recently a more detailed focus on nuclear nonproliferation. 

I know I look grumpy in this picture but I swear I'm not I was just startled that my friend was taking my picture. I hope you guys enjoyed this and see you on Wednesday. またね!


Pictures from Waseda University

Pictures from Waseda University

Traditional Meets Modern

Traditional Meets Modern