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Thailand Trip: A Few Days in Bangkok

Thailand Trip: A Few Days in Bangkok


I've been mainly posting about Japan but I've been doing a lot of other stuff lately. I went to Boston and New York for job conferences and I discovered these pictures from my trip to Thailand. My boyfriend and I spent about a week in Thailand before I came back to the US. I had never been to Thailand but it was so much fun so I thought I'd write a couple blog posts about it!


Our trip started with a few days in Bangkok but our final destination was to Koh Samui. Since I have so many pictures I thought I'd start with just Bangkok.


We got in late at night our first night and woke up to go do some sightseeing. We stayed at an airbnb but the hotel near us had a boat dock next to it that you could take the water taxi places. We went down the river to do some of the more historical and tourist sights. We started with Wat Arun, which is the pictures above, and then we went to the Grand Palace and the Reclining Buddha.


Thailand in July is extremely hot and humid, I tried to be respectful and conservative when going to these places. I also was terrified of being bit by mosquitoes. I got bit by one on our first night and it was swollen and hurt so much!


On the first day after doing the major sights we found this gelato ice cream place. I got this thai iced tea ice cream and it was so good! I wish I wrote down where it was but I didn't. It was a few minutes walk from the Grand Palace I think. 


The next day we just hung out at our airbnb for a little bit. We were moving to another one that day so we decided to just take pictures cause it was so cool! He had a weird collection of art and other stuff everywhere. It was a little weird being there though. We stayed on the third floor, he normally stays on the second but was traveling and then the first is a gallery so people came whenever but there wasn't much of a lock to our area or his so it felt scary at times for me.


Before going to our next Airbnb we waited at the Saigon Mall which was insane but they do free luggage check so you could leave it there and go do stuff and come back. But the mall was air-conditioned and nice. We then went to the airbnb and it had this big pool on the roof but the room wasn't as clean as I had been told.


We basically spent the entire day in the pool because it was just so nice! We took so many pictures here too cause the view was insane! Being able to see all of the city and the river it was great!


This was also the lovely view from our airbnb. After spending the whole day at the pool and editing photo's we went to the night markets. We went to a couple but I can't really remember. I love knock offs, even if it can be controversial, I got a lot of good deals from the markets and so did my boyfriend. The next morning we got ready and flew to Koh Samui! So stay tuned for the next batch of photos!

Thailand Trip: Our Time in Koh Samui

Thailand Trip: Our Time in Koh Samui

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