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Thailand Trip: Our Time in Koh Samui

Thailand Trip: Our Time in Koh Samui


I absolutely love this picture I wish that I could've had a picture like this but someone came and sat next to me when it was my turn. Also this is a bar with swings and I wish every bar had swings cause it was so fun! 

After spending out time in Bangkok we flew to the island of Koh Samui where we stayed for a few days. We stayed near the fisherman's wharf in walking distance of our hotel, which was really nice. This bar above was actually a 5 minute walk away. We loved our time in Koh Samui so here are some pictures from our amazing trip!


We bought that giant flamingo floaty cause the hotel had this awesome pool and it was next to the beach. The floaty was only $15 which is insane for its size. We loved the hotel it was a small 8 room place. They have a little house with two rooms for families. Most of the people there were on honeymoons or families so it was really nice.


We spent most of our time by the pool and ocean while we were there. We also took a lot more pictures here then in Bangkok.


Next to the pool were these nice umbrellas and lounge chairs that were really comfortable. There was also an area with tables for people to do work, eat breakfast, hang out, or have a drink. We liked this little cabana. It was so cute!


Besides the beach and the hotel we did explore the wharf and we found a lot of really good food. So here are some pictures from our food adventures!


All of the hotels along this strip have incredible views of the water so when it comes to dinner you should make a reservation ahead of time for one of the tables on the balcony or on the beach. At lunch they don't put the tables out on the sand but at dinner they do. We went to this place for lunch everyday cause the seafood was so good and well priced. 


We went to the same place for dinner every night because they had these incredible fire shows out in the water. It was so cool to watch while eating and the food there is really good. What was strange though was that there were people on the beach trying to sell light up toys or games like at parades or disney. 


We also went to a couple of night markets where they were selling a lot of knock offs which was cool to go see. We loved our time in Koh Samui and the hotel we stayed at that we can't wait to go back and have already started planning another trip with some friends!

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