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A Quick Trip Up North

A Quick Trip Up North


I'm really lucky that while I was in Japan I got to travel up North to Sendai to visit my boyfriends family and see where he grew up. I have never visited Northern Japan. I've been to the major cities in the South of Japan before so I'm so happy I got to go. I was really lucky also to be able to go see so many things beautiful things while I was there.


The first thing I got to see was these little islands off of the coast. You can take a ship around the islands with a restaurant in it but it takes a while so we decided not to go. There was a lot of traditional old fashioned stores around the water. 


The other thing I got to go do was eat lunch in this beautiful traditional restaurant! I was incredibly underdressed but other then that I had the most amazing time!


I adore these little red mailboxes that they have in Japan! This place was so cool full tatami mats and the servers in kimono it was so incredible! I'm so lucky I got to experience this! We ate in the main room with lots of tables but there was also smaller rooms off to the sides which were really beautiful as well. 


This is the garden that was outside the restaurant. A gorgeous sand garden, and as you can see I was very underdressed in my denim jacket and sneakers but either way it was gorgeous!


This was our beautiful lunch spread! There were so many different things to try and I got so full. My favorite thing though was the miso soup, I love miso soup and this one was so good! If you're coming to Japan I really think you need to try a traditional Japanese meal cause they're always so good.

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