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February on film

February on film


I love film photography so much and while I was in Japan it was super easy to develop film, you could get it developed in an hour and it was really cheap to buy. The problem now is that the fastest I can get film in the US is like a week to two weeks and it's painfully expensive. So when I found the app huji I was so excited! It makes your phone into a disposable camera. I didn't buy the extra app because I like the surprise of not knowing like you would if it really was film.

Because I've been taking a lot of pictures on "film" I thought I would put all of my photos for the month together. I started the month off going to the Japan Society in New York City. I love going there, they have a beautiful lobby with a waterfall and a great little gallery! 


It's been snowing on an off recently. It'll snow and then it'll all melt and repeat. I've also been going back and forth between school and coming home for the weekend, which some people might sound weird or crazy but I really like coming home and being with my family. 


I've been going home a lot so I've been spending lots of time with my girl! This is my little girl stella! Well she's not little anymore she's six now which is crazy! 


This is the snowy view from my school and this shirt that I embroidered. I really like how the shirt looks on film. I started to do embroidery as a hobby last year and made this shirt multiple times but only for me and my boyfriend. Other people have asked me to make them one but it doesn't feel right. 


And then my lovely tapestry at school, which I'm not supposed to have... so we're just gonna keep that quiet. This last picture is of dried and dying flowers on my way to class but I thought they looked really interesting.

I think I'll try and take more photos next month and compile something again! Let me know what you think about that!

Surviving the Snow in NYC

Surviving the Snow in NYC

Hedgehog Cafe

Hedgehog Cafe